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P&T Management is a canadian construction and management consortium that includes a group of construction and engineering firms that jointly carry out various projects in Canada, US and Africa.

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The past, present and future projects are available on each brochure with all references on engineering/projects and concrete pages. 

Pandtmanagement conceives and promotes methods and solutions to facilitate the construction of all types of buildings by using insulating concrete forms (ICFs).

For more than 20 years, we have been constantly innovating to offer high quality products that are easily installed, affordable, durable, eco-friendly and result in savings on energy, construction and maintenance costs. ICF construction is actually an alternative to traditional construction methods, and are rapidly gaining popularity in both the residential and commercial market. In fact, ICF may even replace conventional structures as their costs continue to rise from both financial and environment perspective. 

Pandtmanagement is more than an alternative: it is the SOLUTION


By 2020, a significant portion of the residential and commercial building market will be built from insulating formworks for concrete, replacing the conventional structures that will be costly and inefficient on an ecological and performance point of view.

Our Mission

To conceive and promote methods and solutions to facilitate the construction of all types of buildings by using insulating formworks for concrete and in respect of the environment while keeping a high level of quality of products, training and services

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Nature of P & T Business:

  • Consultant On Construction Projects
  • Financing Of Construction Projects (100 Million Dollars And Above). See MINHDU in Cameroon (central Africa, 15 000 of afordable housing). financed by P&T and Eximbank. Design and conception by P&T.
  • Import And Export Of Construction Materials. We suply to one of the bigger construction material retailer in Canada. See Home Depot and Reno Depot.
  • Audit And Engineering Financing In The Area Of Construction. See the new CHUM of Montreal (6000 beds), design and Engineering by pandtmanagement and Andre Roy Ing.
  • Expert In Development And Implementation Of Big Real Estate Projects (multi housing, multiplex, duplex, triplex, large buildings, infrastructure, landing strips, roads, bridges, roadways, pipeline equipment, freeways, concrete walls etc.). See the Montreal Children Hospital soudation(8000 beds), Design And Engineering done by pandtmanagement and Andre Roy Ing.
  • Facilitator Of Nord-Sud, Social And Economic Housing Projects
  • Research And Approval Of New Construction Procedures And Technologies
  • Railway, aircraft and airport investment. See our coproration member information with all the past, current and future projects.

Features & Benefits:

There are many benefits to P & T Management products

Eco-friendly » Easy and fast installation » High Insulating Value » Lasting » Versatile » Designed to be used for any type of buildings: residential, commercial and industrial » Offers no limit in design, height or thickness of wall » Accepts all exterior siding types Savings » Energy savings » Maintenance savings » Construction costs savings Peace of mind » Resistance to fire » Resistance to natural disasters » An investment that endures A more comfortable structure » Controlled temperature » Excellent air quality » Soundproof building Eco-friendly » No CFC » Minimal jobsite waste can be recycled » Low use of wood, Accepts all exterior siding types