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I-Brid is a construction process using precast panels of various sizes. This method is used to create a more versatile architecture. Each panel is a one-piece, 2″ thick wall of concrete 40 MPa (5,800 psi), attached to a light steel structure without thermal bridge.

I-Brid system demonstration (FR)


panneaux ibrid installation et produit fini thThe I-Brid System can be used as a structural element or simply as exterior siding, depending on the project. Panels are insulated with 4″ thick closed-cell spray polyurethane foam, creating an air and vapor barrier, adding to the monolithic insulation. These measures guarantee a R24 thermal resistance factor, with 100% efficiency. Our insulation technique prevents air exfiltration and infiltration, common source of condensation problems and of potentially allergenic dust and particles. Moreover, since the system does not include an air-filled cavity or any organic material, mildew and fungus will never grow and risk degrading the building.

The I-Brid System is designed to endure the test of time and with the harsh North American weather in mind. An independent laboratory testing our product found that it exceeds the mandatory quality standards over its lifespan. The trials simulated the effect of freeze-thaw cycles, erosion and acid rain over a 25-year lifespan. Apparently, some of our finishes have a lifespan of over 50 years, a real phenomenon!

In addition, to prevent concrete corrosion or cracking, a Pultrall fibreglass reinforcement along with galvanized wire mesh are set within the walls.

The absence of thermal bridge is one of the great strength of the I-Brid System. Experience has shown that most degradation issues in a standard structure are directly linked to the presence of thermal bridges between the materials. A thermal bridge not only weakens the insulation, but also introduces a source of condensation that will eventually corrode the structural elements of a building.

transport de panneaux ibrid thAvac Beton has designed and developed ThermoGuard, a structural tie rod, preventing the creation of thermal bridge between the concrete siding and the light steel structural elements. ThermoGuard has a resistance to deflection value of 23,500 psi and is also fire resistant, light and insulating.

The exterior concrete siding is offered in a selection of finishes and colours. The variety of options allows you to personalize each project.

Within the walls, space is reserved for electricity, plumbing and building mechanicals. Following this step, the inside walls are completed in the usual manner, using gypsum boards type X.

The ingenious I-Brid assembly system offers insulation, structural element and exterior siding all in one for a much simpler and faster construction!